Spatial & Sequential Thinking

Which is an example of spatial thinking?
One great example would be trying to fix an appliance. The professional would need to imagine where everything is since it would be impossible to look inside it. If the person is familiar with the wires inside the appliance, he would just need to connect the dots in terms of fixing it. There are times when you just need to pull a few wires together and the appliance will get fixed. They are certainly equipped with all the needed tools in order to put the wires to the right direction. It is not easy to do that as it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Why is spatial thinking important?
It is important for some professionals like architects, graphic designers, and interior designers. Believe it or not, they do spatial & sequential thinking each day of their lives. In fact, they do it several times in a day in order to come up with a design that their clients would like. If they are not good with that, there is a good chance they would lose their jobs. They definitely practice a lot then put their expertise into work at the toughest times.

What is visual spatial intelligence?
It is understanding how objects in space are close to each other. It is pretty much an estimate since the exact distance would be impossible to figure out. There is no doubt doing this would be for a good purpose. For example, a graphic designer is designing a poster so she would need to think about where to put the date and the images. The important details should also be there and they should be at a point where they could certainly be seen.

What are spatial skills examples?
One example is when someone is at a place he has never been before and he has a map and place to go. He will look at the landmarks near the place and figure out how to go there. Another example would be someone locking herself out of her room so she goes to the window of her room. She is imagining where the table is so she can pull it to get herself inside the room. It is a lot easier said than done and it could also be incorrect since someone could have gotten inside the room and moved everything else for no reason.